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Fresh Blends® Launches New Innovative Machine at NACS Trade Show

FreshBlender Plus, Fresh Cloud, Self-Pay, and New Seasonal Flavors to Spearhead Growth and Revolutionize the Beverage Industry


DELRAY BEACH, FL (OCTOBER 3, 2023)—Fresh Blends®, powered by Multiplex, the world’s leading self-serving beverage platform, will announce the upcoming launch of the FreshBlender Plus at the 2023 NACS Show. Fresh Blends® is on a mission to bring consumers convenient, refreshing, and healthy drink options in seconds. To date, the platform has sold 60 million delicious beverages and counting.

The FreshBlender Plus, a first-of-its-kind equipment, will include a new, built-in cleaning system. Called Advanced Sanitation, the new system completes the daily and weekly drain and periodic cleaning routines automatically, with no human intervention. These cleanings can be scheduled to run during low-demand time periods to eliminate disruption to customers, ensuring that the FreshBlender is always cleaned and ready to serve beverages. A RetroFit Kit for Advanced Sanitation will be available for installation in existing FreshBlenders.

“The team at Multiplex is excited for the launch of the new FreshBlender Plus.” said Maria Mugica, Vice President of Sales at Multiplex, “In addition to eliminating the need for direct labor for the weekly cleaning and reducing the daily cleaning time, the new machine unlocks the potential for C-Store chains with minimal staff and training to effectively execute the Fresh Blends® program in-store.”

In addition to its upgraded components and necessary software for the Advanced Sanitation system, the FreshBlender Plus includes onboard storage for the concentrated cleaning chemicals required for the new system. Similarly, the unit occupies the same overall footprint envelope, allowing customers with original FreshBlenders to upgrade to FreshBlender Plus without any in-store infrastructure changes.

“The launch of our new features and the FreshBlender Plus represents a paradigm shift in how we view beverage machines," said Jamie Day, Managing Partner at Fresh Blends®. "The entire team at Fresh Blends® is looking forward to our continuous growth and providing a more seamless experience to our customers with these innovations.”

Fresh Blends® recently unveiled an enhanced version of the Fresh Cloud, the groundbreaking IoT platform powering FreshBlenders to further promote the brand's growth. The heartbeat of the FreshBlender, Fresh Cloud is designed meticulously with cutting-edge real-time technology, giving stakeholders unparalleled insight into operations, sales, and machine status. The key features of the Fresh Cloud include real-time visualization, custom database design, predictive analytics, instant alerts, and a user-friendly interface.

Fresh Blends® will also implement a self-pay integration for existing FreshBlenders, which will be available in the coming months. Most recently, Fresh Blends® announced their new seasonal flavors, Pumpkin Spice and Winter Orange, which are offered in a variety of blends, including Winter Orange Smoothie, Winter Orange Chocolate Truffle Shake, Winter Orange Cream Stix, Frozen Winter Orange Banana, and more. The new flavors are available in select store locations throughout the fall and winter months.

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About Fresh Blends®

Fresh Blends® is the world's leading self-serving beverage platform, providing consumers with

healthy, refreshing, and convenient beverages—in just seconds. Powered by Multiplex®, each FreshBlender® is designed to eliminate waste wait times and deliver a flawless experience with every order. This experience earned the Multiplex Fresh Blender® a 2018

Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association.

With more than 4,000 FreshBlenders in locations across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, Fresh Blends® offers delicious beverages frozen or on the rocks with all-natural products and no artificial colors or sweeteners, HFCs, or preservatives.

Fresh Blends® retail customers can track sales, flavor demand, inventory, and FreshBlender performance through Fresh Cloud, the brand's comprehensive reporting dashboard. For more information, visit


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