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Fresh Blends® Launches Fully Plant-Based Menu at Host 2023

New Menu and Improved Iced Coffee Program Take Over European Market


DELRAY BEACH, FL (OCTOBER 12, 2023)—Fresh Blends®, powered by Multiplex, the world’s leading self-serving beverage platform, announced their new, plant-based European menu and improved iced and frozen coffee program at the Host 2023 Show in Milan, Italy. Fresh Blends® is on a mission to bring consumers convenient, refreshing, and healthy drink options in seconds. To date, the platform has sold 60 million delicious beverages and counting.

The new plant-based beverage options include frappes (caramel, chocolate, vanilla, caramel coffee, mocha, mocha double shot coffee), macchiatos (caramel, mocha, caffe), shakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), lemonades (classic, strawberry, mango passionfruit), fruit smoothies (strawberry, strawberry banana, mango banana, banana chocolate), granitas (classic, strawberry, mango passionfruit), and cold brew lemonades (lemon, mango passionfruit).

“We are thrilled to roll out our new plant-based menu,” said Jamie Day, Managing Partner at Fresh Blends®. "We look forward to continuously expanding our menus and evolving with the current trends. Whether you follow a plant-based diet regularly or want to try something different, our new offerings provide customers with delicious beverages while meeting certain lifestyle preferences.”

In addition to the new plant-based beverage options, Fresh Blends® recently announced their new seasonal flavors for the US market, Pumpkin Spice and Winter Orange, which are offered in a variety of blends, including Winter Orange Smoothie, Winter Orange Chocolate Truffle Shake, Winter Orange Cream Stix, Frozen Winter Orange Banana, and more. The new flavors are available in select store locations throughout the fall and winter months.

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About Fresh Blends®

Fresh Blends® is the world's leading self-serving beverage platform, providing consumers with healthy, refreshing, and convenient beverages—in just seconds. Powered by Multiplex®, each FreshBlender® is designed to eliminate waste wait time and deliver a flawless experience with every order. This experience earned the Multiplex Fresh Blender® a 2018 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association.

With more than 4,000 FreshBlenders in locations across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, Fresh Blends® offers delicious beverages frozen or on the rocks with all-natural products and no artificial colors or sweeteners, HFCs, or preservatives.

Fresh Blends® retail customers can track sales, flavor demand, inventory, and FreshBlender performance through Fresh Cloud, the brand's comprehensive reporting dashboard. For more information, visit


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