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At Fresh Blends®, we believe in strong partnerships. If you're interested in our program, please request more information below.

At Fresh Blends®, we believe high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a passion for innovation is the recipe to long-lasting customer relationships. We start with all-natural ingredients – no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors – and a team of award-winning chefs to formulate the freshest, tastiest drink recipes.


Our Fresh Blender® – a turnkey beverage solution available at some of the largest food service, convenience, QSR and fast casual businesses worldwide – increases customer access to fresh and fun frozen beverages that consistently deliver top-quality products. After installing the Fresh Blender, our global partners have successfully reduced long lines, staff overhead, costly product waste, and, most importantly, improved the customer experience.


Fresh Blends® features


Turnkey Solution

Produces high-quality all-natural blended and iced beverage options

Intuitive touchscreen guides customers through seamless order process

Highly Versatile
Adaptable to any food service program, from convenience stores and coffee shops to gyms and universities

Seamless Reporting
Self-diagnostic daily reporting straight to the cloud

Perfect Calibration
EcoBlend® in-cup technology eliminates inconsistent pouring

Cost Savings

Up to $10,000 in savings per store every year

Real-Time Data
Wireless data collection and delivery to help track sales and customer behavior

Customer Service

Unrivaled Access

Nationwide network of certified technicians and service agents

Reliable Equipment

Unmatched customer service and best-in-class equipment

Smart,  Aesthetic Design

Stylish product and simple, interactive POS interface for consistently engaging customer experience


Faster Orders
Speed optimized crew-serve mode and self-self mode reduces order and handling time to <1 min per customer
Time Savings

Up to 90% less cleaning time and 50% more crew efficiency gain
Less Staffing Overhead

Reduce costly employee turnover, training and salaries without compromising order flow

No More Waste

Eliminate food shrink, spoilage and blender residual

Reduce Costs

Save on energy expenses with our efficient self-serve design



FreshBlender automatically rinses between every order


Automatic cleaning procedures ensure ultimate sanitary measures


Self-clean-in-place system


Refrigerated product storage for maximum shelf life

Noise Reduction

65% less noise on average compared to other blenders on the market


Just some of our Valued Partners

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