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Freshly from you!


Great taste, less waste.

Introducing Fresh Blends®. The smoothie robot that always serves freshly blended and flavorful beverages – in just seconds.


Powered by Multiplex®, Fresh Blends is transforming how we order beverages, one blend at a time. The world’s leading frozen self-serve beverage platform, each FreshBlender® is designed to eliminate waste, wait times, and deliver a flawless experience with every order.


Fun & Easy-to-Use
Our intuitive 20-inch touchscreen self-service menu is easy to navigate for customers and staff. And each FreshBlender is self-sanitizing, keeping the line moving without the need for employee supervision.


Always Innovating

Our EcoBlend-in-Cup® Technology can produce a blended drink in under 60 seconds – up to 45 drinks per hour – while eliminating product waste to the absolute minimum.

Finest Raw Ingredients

Our award-winning culinary team is committed to crafting delicious all-natural recipes – tested to ensure that every flavor combination tastes as good as it looks.


Best-In-Class Service
Our reliable, low-maintenance equipment is backed by a nationwide network of certified technicians that provide rapid response and remote service availability from coast to coast. 

let's get blending!

1. Choose your blend

IMG_0233 2.jpg

2. pick your size


3. place your cup

IMG_0286 6.jpg

4. watch it dispense

5. watch it blend


6. enjoy



Share your Fresh Blends® adventures with us to be featured!

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