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one SINGLE system to enable the complete Range 

of blended beverage Options

The successful Turnkey Blended Drinks Solution  for Top Trend Flavors

Fresh Blends® powered by Multiplex® is proud to introduce the Easy Drink Menu. 

Our frozen beverage program has been developed by our culinary team of award winning chefs and beverage developers with the consumer in mind. It combines all of the Top Trend blended beverage options in a turnkey solution that offers highest quality and optimum versatility to the consumer while providing the operator with the maximum efficiency and ease of operation.

Build a QSR and C-Store destination for freshly blended drinks

The smoothie market is strongly skewed toward “freshness”

  • Incremental sales – the number #1 reason for any menu addition is to generate incremental revenue and profitability

  • The smoothie market continues to expand in multiple foodservice categories, including QSRs, up nearly 8% in the past 3 years, while other beverage types are flat to declining

  • Capitalize on different food occasions for incremental add-on sales (beverage or snack choice) or as an incremental visit (meal substitution or snack occasion)

  • Menu variety including additional healthy choice options – expand customer appeal

  • Smoothies have a healthy connotation, and depending on formulations can truly be a healthier alternative to other beverages, snacks or even meals, expanding your customer base

  • Customized beverage line – maximize opportunity with proprietary branded product

  • Add a new smoothie line to fit your brand personality and positioning

Fresh Blends Smoothies Frappes Lemonades

Maximize your Beverage sales

Smoothies are clearly a growth area in the traditional restaurant, fast casual, QSR and C-Store categories.

  • Many who do not drink smoothies say it’s because they simply didn’t think of it. So plant the seed and then offer value incentives that soften the perception of high price points.

  • Take advantage of our increasingly snack-centric society by positioning smoothies as a filling late-morning or late-afternoon snack. Or bundle them with foodservice items for a complete meal offering.

  • Frozen Beverages are one of the primary draws to the c-store and representing a veritable goldmine of profitability and a vital foodservice counterpart, essential in bundle meals as well as a stand-alone draw for customers who continue to demand made-my-way, customized food and beverage options. 

  • The desire for more flavor options has led to the emergence of the made-to-order (MTO) trend in c-store beverages.

  • A consumer’s first need state is usually thirst as they enter a c-store. Beverages have become increasingly important as a traffic driver for QSR and c-stores.

Made For You – Real Ingredients, Real Taste    

Today‘s consumer is shifting from traditional QSR restaurants to higher quality offerings. QSR volume leaders are stagnant or just slightly up and many large chains are struggling amidst today‘s consumer shifting from traditional QSR restaurants to higher quality offerings.

Position your operation in the growing market of freshly made products. We deliver a quality brand with highest quality drinks.

Agua Fresca with Lime

Position your operation in the growing market of freshly made products. We deliver a quality brand with highest quality drinks.


No Preservatives

No artificial colors

No artificial flavors

kosher certified

Product Shelf Life:

  • 2 year frozen extended shelf life

  • 60 day refrigerated shelf life unopened

  • 45 day refrigerated shelf life after opening for fruit flavors

  • 21 day refrigerated shelf life after opening for dairy flavors



Today the Fresh Blends® brand caters primarily to the c-store and foodservice channel for use in premium smoothies and mixed beverage offerings that are consumed in restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes.

Fresh Blends® reaches the market through more than 100 distributors and is sold in thousands of foodservice outlets globally, with primary distribution in the United States, Canada and Caribbean.


  • Frozen Purees in 2 Gal Bag-in-box​

  • NET 21 lbs. AVG

  • 2:1 concentration

Blueberries and Blackberries
Fresh Lemons

In January 2014, Fresh Blends® partnered with Dot® to capitalize on Dot’s 21st century logistics solutions for national distribution of ultra-premium drink mixes, creating immediate national availability.

Best-In-Class Equipment 

Fresh Blends® powered by Multiplex® is the successful turnkey solutions that offer the highest quality and optimum versatility to consumers while providing the operator with maximum efficiency and ease of operation.


The selection of equipment is critical in the operations of a restaurant. Fresh Blends® powered by Multiplex® Foodservice will formulate and package the optimized product to fit the equipment solution best suited to your operational environment.

  • Cost

  • Speed

  • Yield

  • Overall Impact on Operations


When  considering all equipment options the following should be addressed:

  • Product Delivery and Storage

  • Product Preparation

  • Blending Operations

  • Servicing and Clean-up 

Increase your Revenues and profits

  • Reduce labor / reduce labor cost

  • Reduce the equipment footprint

  • Improve speed of service

  • Improve food quality

  • Improve food safety

  • Improve crew feedback (ease of operation)

Benefits of The Blend-in-CUP System

Blend in Cup® (BiC) is designed and focused toward the automation, efficiency and reliability of delivering a variety of blended beverages. It enables high productivity while ready for future menu expansion.

Maximize Profitability

  • Dispense Products 

  • Directly Into Cup

  • Lower Life Cycle Cost

  • ROI models available


  • Responsible

  • Low Water Rinse

  • Reduced Food Waste


Operator Focused

  • Low Noise

  • Fill Level Consistency

  • Operator Efficiency

  • Flexible Platform


  • Visual Icons

  • Unique Recipe Management

  • Easy Cleaning Instructions 

  • On-screen Prompts


All Ingredients On-Board

  • Refrigerated Base

  • Simple Product Replenishment 

  • Optional Whip Cream Door

  • Accessories Available for 

  • Mix-ins/Toppings


Drink Preparation Area

  • Large Work Surface

  • Accessories Available

Rinse Stations

  • Automatic Rinse

  • Gold Standard Drinks 

  • High Quality Ingredients

  • Fill Line Consistency


Dispense system 

  • Ingredients Dispensed 

  • Directly Into Cup


Dual Blend Stations 

  • Increase Throughput and Productivity

Proven Reliable Equipment


When you’re launching a new program like smoothies in your region, you want assurance that the equipment you choose is the best solution available. Multiplex proves itself every day in over 8500 locations worldwide. Multiplex has the track record and install base to prove our ability to launch, serve and service your market successfully.

Proven Reliability and Safety

  • Intelligent design results in a simpler system that contains fewer parts and reduced risk of failure.

  • Manual door-slides remove the risk of hands or objects becoming caught. 


Proven Speed and Capacity 

  • The easyToUCH icon based touch screen simplifies drink making 

  • 3rd drink option improves throughput by allowing the next drink to be selected and dispensed while the blending stations are occupied

  • The Multiplex Blend In Cup™ is designed to be as productive as you are, often ‘outrunning’ the crew 

  • All ingredients are dispensed with portion controls for consistent drinks without the waste


Proven Food Safety:

  • Automatic rinse cycle ensures optimum food safety and product consistency

  • Optimum water temperature for effective Clean In Place

  • Refrigerated cabinet insures product is kept at optimum, food-safe temperature 


Proven Results

  • The Multiplex Blend In Cup™ consistency delivers top quality results. Serving over 7 million drinks per week has enabled us to perfect smoothie-making for you and your customers

  • Manitowoc on the front line with you: culinary recipe development, world class service and unbeatable financing for the blended beverage program

Multiplex Ice-On-Board Blend-in-Cup

Blend in Cup® Ice On Board 

Multiplex Blend-in-Cup Manual Fill

Blend in Cup® Manual Fill

Culinary Expertise

We have the launch experience and culinary expertise to ensure that our "Plug 'n Play smoothie programs" are successful in every region. 


We have a full team of award winning chefs that are experts in the development of engaging recipes specifically for the Multiplex Blend In Cup machines. We also partner with major food suppliers and educational facilities to ensure we are up on trending recipes and innovations.

  • Full team of award winning chefs

  • Experts in recipe development on Multiplex Blend In Cup machines

  • Operational optimizers and culinary trend setters

  • Partnerships with major food suppliers and renowned educational facilities

Welbilt Multiplex Manitowoc Chefs
Mango Milkshake

Best-In-Class Service Network

New menu programs require extra care and service as franchisees become familiar with the equipment and the products it produces. With Multiplex and Manitowoc you get the benefit of over 5 years in this category, 8500 installations and over 7 million drinks per week worldwide. Over 400 US service branches located within 50 miles of 90% of sites and over 3400 technicians, you can see how we prove ourselves with service excellence each and every day.

  • Performance certified, authorized service agents in the US

  • 400 US service branch locations

  • Office within 50 miles of 90% sites

  • Multiple authorized service options in most markets

  • 3450 technicians in the US

  • 600 annual training classes

Contact us now to learn more !

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