Freshly made by you!

Meet our Smoothie Robot!

Fresh Blends® is the frozen drinks solution for top trend flavors for smoothies, frappes, lemonades, milk shakes, to cold brew coffee drinks.


Utilizing the latest and advanced food-safety technology, a team of culinary professionals, we've developed 100% natural, perfectly frozen beverages that are automatically dispensed and freshly blended at the touch of a screen, in just a few seconds. 


Choose from over 30 different categories, Recipes and flavor combinations!

how it works

1. Choose a Drink category and flavor

2. select a serving size of your choice

3. Put in a cup

4. see how the fruit purees and ice are freshly dispensed

5. your drink gets freshly blended in just seconds

while the machine rinses and cleans itself for the next drink and customer

6. enjoy your freshly made and refreshing beverage

live from @drinkfreshblends

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